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What's the point of the game if you can't make a little money off your overconfident opponents?

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Who is the chicken !
18 or bust offered to bet $100 on the following:
0 to 36 donuts with 18 being the middle. 18 would be a tie, 0 - 17 Pimp daddy get $100, 18 - 36, I win $100 bar tab to be shared by all who entered the Krispy Kream contest. Who is the real chicken ? Maybe the guy who out weights my by 100lb and only eat 12 for his team.
Thursday, 05-Oct-00 11:00:06 EDT

1 Million Baby !
Mr. Chicken offered to bet 1 Million $$ on the following:
For every donut I eat over 1 donut, Pimp Daddy pays $100 to the charity of my choice. For every donut I eat under 1, I pay 1 Million dollar to the charity of my choice !
Thursday, 05-Oct-00 10:54:48 EDT

Chicken *hit
Pimp Daddy offered to bet All you got baby on the following:
For every donut over 30 Smith eats, I will pay $3, for every donut under 30, he owes me $1
Thursday, 05-Oct-00 10:40:49 EDT

Birds of a Feather
Some Coward offered to bet All you've got. on the following:
Betting that at least one more member of the team two wimps will drop out with some fake injury before the contest is over.
Thursday, 21-Sep-00 12:38:02 EDT

Can't Eat Just One
Steve D offered to bet as much as you've got on the following:
For each donut I eat over one dozen (12), you owe me a buck; I owe you a buck for every donut I eat less than one dozen (12).
Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 12:59:19 EDT

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