Krispy Kreme Challenge


Round 1
Well, the first week is over and Team 1 certainly lived up to its own hype eating as many donuts as the challengers combined.

Round 2
Week two saw the competition start to heat up. The Bait team brought out a "heavy" hitter and it turned out they needed one. Dennis Dean proved once and for all which is the lead twin. Erik Mueller turned in a standard "eric" of donuts.

Round 3
Week three had been billed as the battle of titans, with Jack Pershon and Kurt Smith finally coming to the table ready to eat. The promoters were half right as Jack ate enough donuts to sink the titanic, but Kurt finished a distant second for the week. Luckily, more team-oriented competitors in the earlier weeks were able to carry BAIT to victory.

We're keeping track of Team, Individual, and Handicapped results

Team Standings

Place Team Confirmed Kills

2. OPS

3. EDI Twins + RINGER

Individual Standings

Jack "I understand the wall now" Pershon

Steve "Mom says Don't Die" Donohue

Dennis "Hollow Leg" Dean

Mark "Dirty Dozen" Miller

Kurt "Excuse King"Smith

Steve "Not the Ringer We're Looking For" Stimson

Erik "Hey Man" Mueller

Eric "The not-so-big Hoyt" Novak

Jennifer "pound-for-pound" Charbonneau

Ladies Match

Since some competitors insist on the handicap version of the contest, the following is provided for their benefits. No true competitor would lend any credence to these numbers, but team two really enjoys them.

Name Pounds Donuts Donuts/Pound
Dennis Dean 186 13 .0699
Kurt Smith 205 11 .0533
Jennifer Charboneau 105 5 .0476
Mark Miller 260 12 .0462
Steve Donohue 350 15 .0429
Steve Stimson 250 9 .0360
Erik Mueller 200* 7 .0350
Eric Novak 220* 7 .0318

* Estimated weight

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