After the Apocalypse
Chapter 1: Reunion Redux

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Winter Camp XXV had, in some sense, been in the planning stages since Winter Camp XX. As the preparations for the 1996 Anniversary Banquet converged on the actual event, several veterans began to characterize the upcoming celebration as "a dry run for 25". The reunion and party were clearly successful, but there was undeniably an expectation that Winter Camp would rise to new celebratory heights in 2001.

The pressure thus on, planning began in earnest at the Future Society meeting at Winter Camp XXIII, fully two years earlier. Part of the festivities was easily settled: clearly, everyone agreed, the Silver Anniversary Banquet, set for Saturday, December 29, had to set new heights in Winter Camp cooking. There was some talk of bringing in a catered dinner, but it was eventually agreed that showcasing Winter Camp's kitchen accomplishments would be a more appropriate move. Jeff Rand set forth to reprise his 1996 performance by developing a list of 25 historical and tasty hors d'oeuvres for the occasion, and Mike Osvath volunteered to supervise the actual kitchen operations.

"Sulangeana for everyone, then. Great!" quipped Steve Donohue, referring to the Hungarian dish, commonly and accurately described as "greasy bread", which Mike had prepared at a couple of earlier Winter Camps.

What to do by way of a program was less clear. Mark Bollman agreed to join Jeff in assembling their respective collections of Winter Camp artifacts into a display honoring the first 25 years. The Winter Camp Countdown, recognizing campers for their longevity, was brought back from the 20th anniversary banquet, where it had been a hit. Several people volunteered to give brief after-dinner speeches, but the focus was to be on fellowship and the reunion of old friends.

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