After the Apocalypse
Chapter 10: Entry #1

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Mark had decided during the Future Society's organizational meeting that it was important that the details of their unexpected adventure be chronicled. As Winter Camp's resident archivist, he realized that he was the natural choice. He began a journal early on the first morning.

30 December 2001 (Day 1): This is not how I planned to spend my 38th birthday.

Now that the obvious comments are out of the way…time to catalog what's going on here. As far as anyone can tell, the end of the world as we knew it hit last night during the Anniversary Banquet. Electrical power is gone, there's nothing anywhere on the radio, and nobody has any idea exactly what's happened or how long we're likely to be stuck up here.

I remember a few years ago when Big Bro-before we all knew who he was-said something on The Wall about Winter Camp was where he would go when the bombs came. Little did we know how right he was: the bombs have probably come, and here we are. It's still hard to comprehend exactly how big this is. Nobody really knows what might have happened to our friends and families who weren't with us last night. Luckily, there were a lot of visitors at last night's banquet who are safely with us. Still, there are a lot of questions that we don't have hope of answering too quickly.

The funny thing is that not too many people seem really worried about this. The shock of the incident, I suppose, although I worry about what might happen when it all wears off. Maybe some folks aren't thinking in that direction yet, but sooner or later we're likely to get some news confirming our current suspicions.

Still, there are some advantages to that. We're preparing to move everyone down to the Winter Camp grounds-that's where fresh water seems the easiest to guarantee. And everyone seems to be working pretty steadily to make that happen. At least we were at Winter Camp-the "deluxe camping" thing we've been so famous for means we've got surplus blankets and supplies for a few dozen poorly-equipped outsiders. It won't be terribly comfortable by any means, but we ought to be able to get along with what we have and what we can salvage from the camp's supplies.

It will certainly be an adventure. What nobody knows yet is whether we're up to it. Still, I'd rather take my chances with this crowd than anyone else I know.

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