After the Apocalypse
Chapter 105: Crushing Hope

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Miller tried to remain calm even though his situation looked pretty bleak. He hadn't managed to catch everything that was said, but apparently another group of intruders had entered camp. His captors, Tim and Dave were leaving and Lou was their relief. He was glad on some level because the other two had frightened him. He suspected they might be forced to shoot him during an escape attempt whether he made one or not. Lou seemed more stable, but no less capable.

He weighed his options. He was pretty sure at least a few of them were buying his story; otherwise, he was sure he'd already be dead. He also knew that even the few who had been fooled wouldn't be any longer. They'd assume that he was an advance scout for the other group and had been caught. He was pretty certain that would be a death sentence.

On the other hand, his chances of escape seemed bleak. Even though it was only him and Lou at Rawhide, he didn't like his chances. They'd set him down in a corner of the building with a couple of mattresses and no windows. He had to cover at least fifteen feet to even reach Lou, plenty of time for a shot, maybe even two, despite the age of Lou's weapon. He needed a distraction, but he didn't think he was going to get one.

He decided to wait. He had a suspicion that the other interlopers were some of the Deacon's men. He didn't think they'd go without a fight. Once the shooting started, Lou was bound to lose some of his composure and that might give him the chance he needed. Content that his plan was the best it could be, he settled back in his mattresses and got comfortable.

Jenny couldn't believe it. The man she'd just seen was Reggie Miller, a member of her dad's militia unit. She'd never met him in person before but she'd seen pictures and talked to him on the phone a few times. Miller didn't know it, but she'd developed quite a crush on him, partly because of his rugged good looks and partly because of the stories her dad told. Reggie was one of the few guys in the militia who seemed to have a sense of humor. She thought her dad liked him too and that might have been part of the fascination as well.

She thought about why he might have wound up at D-A and could only reach one conclusion - the militia was going to mount a rescue effort and he was scouting for them. Of course, it was possible he'd acted entirely on his own, taking on the entire group of Boy Scouts like Rambo just so he could rescue her and her little brother from their evil clutches and take them back to Lapeer where they belonged. She knew it was probably the former, hoped it was the latter and resolved to help him anyway she could.

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