After the Apocalypse
Chapter 110: Heard round the World

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Things were going pretty well for Milon and his small crew. They'd crossed the road without being seen and were now waiting for the men to move up before they could continue. According to the radio, everyone else was in position. These losers were never going to know what hit them and that's just how Dave wanted it.

As the group argued outside the latrine, Dave couldn't help but wish they'd get underway. He could feel the adrenaline pumping away and he struggled to keep it under control. He looked around at his small group of men. They were all eager and ready to move out. Luckily, the group moved out after they had a brief argument of their own. Dave and his men gave them a small lead, then moved up and past them.

The men advanced, seemingly unaware, almost casual in their approach. For whatever reason, they seemed to think there was no resistance. They were trailed until finally they were in the relatively open area of the old corral. They looked a little nervous but continued on.

"Stop right there", came a voice. The men froze for a second, then dropped prone, one of them rolling towards the cover at the edge of the road. All of them snapped weapons to ready and trained them on the large sign from which the voice had apparently issued.

"I am not kidding. You are surrounded. Leave your weapons on the ground, stand up slowly and walk forward with your hands on your head, fingers interlocked."

John looked at Ron. He wasn't sure what to do next. None of the men on the ground were moving, but he didn't want to open fire and kill these men in cold blood.

"Count down?" suggested Ron.

John nodded. "You must comply. 5... 4..."

Before John got to say 3, one of the men spoke. "Don't shoot," he said, "I surrender." He stood up slowly locked his fingers on top of his head and began to advance.

"Traitor," hissed one of his companions.

"Survivor," corrected the Beast, momentarily forgetting the agreement that John would do all the talking.

The man who advanced was large and he moved slowly. As he made his way across the short distance towards the designated surrender spot, it was clear some of his friends were wavering.

Suddenly, a shot rang out, probably small caliber. The big man stumbled, then fell face down in the snow.

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