After the Apocalypse
Chapter 13: Taking Stock

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Steve and Tim finished restringing the antenna and came inside. Mark, John and Mike were still working on the radio. Jeff and Doug were in the kitchen with Ron and Roger Horn. The four of them were making a list of what was in the kitchen and trying to figure out how long it would last. Although the Winter Campers prided themselves on a well-stocked kitchen, their plans certainly hadn't included an extra 48 people; there was likely only a day or two worth of food, even on somewhat short rations.

Once the inventory was complete, Jeff suggested that he, Steve Donohue and Mark Hunt head up to the dining hall to see what sort of foodstuffs they could scrounge there. On the way to the front, they stopped at High Point and picked up Steve Harig, Tommy Lee and Zak Polifroni. The six of them rode up in three vehicles, since they expected to have some cargo when they returned. At first, they had planned to leave things at the main lodge, but Jeff convinced the others it would be more convenient to have everything down at the BC Building.

They scoured the building and were reasonably happy with their search. They came up with 6 cases of various canned vegetables, several boxes of dessert mixes, and more condiments than they could easily use. Drink mix was also abundant. The biggest shortfall came, as expected, in produce and meats. There was no fresh fruit or vegetables and the meat was in short supply as well. There was one ten-pound box of wieners and half a box of sausage. Except for those two items, the rest of the meats were not available in sufficient quantities to make a difference; they took them anyway, but hoped not to need them. All told, they wound up with enough food to fill the back of Mark's truck.

They decided to take some additional paper service items, some large pans and a few other odds and ends from the kitchen. Most of those items fit into the back of Steve's truck with a few of the pans winding up in Jeff's van. When they got back to the BC building, Ron took charge of stocking their new foodstuffs with Harig and a few of the youth helping him. Once he'd given them some basic instructions, he joined the rest of the Future Society members at Clearwater cabin where they were discussing their options.

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