After the Apocalypse
Chapter 15: Equine Concerns

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

As Steve and Lou drove through camp on their way to Lapeer, a thought struck them simultaneously.

"What about the horses?" asked Lou. "I mean, with the rangers gone, who was supposed to take care of them?"

"I think Jeff said something about a couple of the guys coming in from Lapeer once a day to look things over and make sure everything was okay," said Steve. "But what good is that now? I mean, we don't even know if Lapeer exists anymore. We may have thirty-nine horses to deal with."

"That could be useful in the long run," observed Lou. "We're not going to be getting much more gas now than we already have. Transportation-at least within camp-could be a lot easier this way."

"I hope Doug knows his blacksmithing," said Steve, half in jest. Several Winter Campers had been assigned blacksmithing in the annual Hobby Draws, but no one had ever gone much beyond purchasing an anvil or a set of hammers. Nonetheless, if horseshoeing needed to be done, Wilson was probably the one to do it.

"Will we be stuck here that long? I hope not."

They drove into the barn complex and ran a quick assessment of the situation. One barn was nearly full of hay, so it was clear that feeding the horses would not be a problem. The animals themselves seemed to be in good shape; adequate food and water was in the stalls for at least the next day.

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