After the Apocalypse
Chapter 25: No Good News Today

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Their return trip was pretty uneventful. They'd had decent luck at the Meijer's store and had come up with enough meat to last them at least a few days. Although the stores cooling systems weren't running, the temperature outside was cold enough that they weren't worried. They'd stuck to the frozen foods though, not sure about things stored in the open bins. They'd also managed to come up with some additional weapons in the sporting goods department and had filled Lou's truck pretty much to capacity and beyond for the ride home.

Everyone was pleased with the things they'd brought back, although they'd been forced to scrap their original plan to siphon gas at the service station. By the time they'd gone through Meijer's, it was too dark to attempt it and Steve had been afraid they'd be vulnerable to other looters, especially in the dark. They also thought they might be able to rig up a pump of some sort back in camp, which would be much easier than trying to siphon out the gas anyhow.

"It's not good, guys," said Steve. "Everything's pretty much destroyed. We saw a lot of crashed cars and stuff, but there were no other survivors." He and Lou had agreed on the way back not to mention the other looters they'd seen, especially the pair Steve had gunned down so casually. After their encounter with the first two, they'd been more cautious. They'd seen some others, but they hadn't gotten close enough to talk and had gone out of their way to avoid them.

Steve's words took a few moments to sink in with the group. While the end of civilization hadn't been confirmed, this news suddenly made that possibility far more likely.

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