After the Apocalypse
Chapter 34: Lapeer by Night

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

"Looks like they cleaned it out pretty good, sir," said Parker.

"Well, let's just take whatever is left and set the charges; we can't leave this place standing."

"Yes, sir."

Jameson watched as his men began taking what little useful foodstuffs were left in the now-abandoned Kroger's. They didn't really need much in the way of food, since they had been stockpiling for an event like this for years, but there was no point in letting anything go to waste. Once they had taken everything likely to prove useful, they rigged the building with plastic explosives and blew it down.

They believed the Russians had triggered a nuclear attack and their main goal was to avoid any secondary strikes. Jameson had decided the best way to do that was to make sure there was nothing left worth bombing in the immediate area. He had begun his campaign a few nights ago and they had already destroyed a few targets. He knew the Russians could spot this happening even at night, but he believed they either wouldn't see it, or would believe it was the act of terrorists or saboteurs. As long as the Russians didn't realize there were serious survivors, people with a chance to fight back, he expected to be left alone.

He and his men were members of a local militia group; they'd been as prepared for this as anyone. When the first bombs had hit, he and his men had taken their families to the bomb shelters. One of the shelters had been hit, but the other three had survived. Now he and his men were working hard to be sure their families were safe and secure. They stayed underground most of the time and only came out at night. Jameson knew that there were other survivors, but he didn't pay much attention to them. As long as they didn't pose any threat to him or his family, he was willing to share the city with them.

Rumor had it that the only other large band of survivors was planning to head south once the weather broke. Jameson didn't know what they would find there, but he didn't think they'd get very far. Even well-armed and well-equipped, he and his men were not going to attempt any serious treks. Besides, anything south would require passing dangerously close to Detroit. He assumed Detroit had been a primary target and was probably destroyed and highly radioactive. If it hadn't been destroyed, he didn't want to think about what sort of people might be prowling those ruins.

He and the men got back into their trucks for the short ride back to the shelter. They had combined their operations into the largest shelter, which was big enough to support almost twice their fifty-three people. He wasn't sure what the future would bring, but he and his men intended to face any additional threats head on; anything less might put his family at risk.

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