After the Apocalypse
Chapter 4: Realization Of A Nightmare

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Mere hours after Zhirinovsky called for Operation North Wind, the long winter night of northern Alaska was ended by a false dawn, as Russian nuclear missiles thought dismantled with the end of the Cold War were put to use. NORAD sensors detected the incoming attack, but no one at the controls thought it possible that such a massive offensive assault was for real.

"Another computer glitch, no doubt," said Captain Amanda Davidson to herself as she watched the computer display registering hundreds of incoming missiles.

While only one in five Russian missiles found their mark successfully, the sheer volume of the launch meant that this was sufficient to disable communications systems throughout the more populated portions of the state. The protocol for Operation North Wind had dictated that the Alaskan oil fields were to be spared in the first wave of bombing, so damage was minimal in the Prudhoe Bay area. The rest of the state was not so fortunate, and was an easy target for wave after wave of more conventional attacks.

However, as the Zhirinovsky forces were enjoying their great victory and capture of what they called "Russian North America", their biggest mistake was revealed. By launching their first attack against Alaska, American retaliation was possible before the second nuclear attack leveled Washington DC and much of the rest of the continental United States. The American strike at Russia was matched by the NATO alliance, but the revolutionaries' careful planning had provided for this eventuality. Before the new day had fully broken in Russia, a sizable fraction of the developed world lay in ruins.

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