After the Apocalypse
Chapter 42: The Feminist Movement

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

The atmosphere up at Chippewa cabin after the impromptu Christmas party was decidedly more upbeat. As the women relaxed in the glow of the new Winter Camp environment, the chatter couldn't be contained.

Nonetheless, there remained a certain unsettled sense that more needed to be done to connect the Tundra Stomp crew with the Winter Campers. Carrie Reynolds was the first to finger the missing element. "We need to be more involved in decision-making around here, you know? I mean, so far we've been like guests at this Winter Camp thing, but if we're really all in this together, we should have more control over what goes on," she said.

"That's gonna be tough to pull off," said Michelle Bergen. "Other than Amy with the horses, none of us has any skills that they really need. They've got everything covered, even stuff I never even would have thought of."

"Yeah-besides the horses, these guys are really good at what they're doing. It's almost like they've been planning for the end of civilization. We'd just be in the way," said Kelly Ryan.

"Not the point," countered Carrie. "Face it, there don't seem to be any real crisis situations anymore. There's considerable margin for error even if we're not the best at making decisions. And we should be in there with them."

"Assuming you're right for the moment-which I question-what do you suggest we do about this, Carrie?" asked Erin Allen.

"I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now," said Carrie, "and I think we need to take our case to some of the guys directly. But not the ones who're running things. Steve and Mark and Jeff and Doug and them-they're not as likely to listen to us if we ask for more authority. The younger guys are our best chance. I think they'll listen."

"Katie, what do you think?" asked Michelle. She wasn't too sure about upsetting the current balance at Winter Camp, and thought that Katie might be of some use in reining Carrie in.

"Oh, guys, I don't know," said Katie. "I mean, these guys probably saved our lives. It seems to me that getting uppity about power might seem a little less than grateful. What does power really count for in the grand scheme of things up here, anyway?" She paused for a moment. "Let me ask you this: What do you think isn't being done right, and what would you do differently?"

A hush fell across the bunkroom. Carrie hadn't expected to be pressed for details, and had no quick answer ready. After a moment of silence, Katie continued.

"Give it some thought, then maybe we can talk some more about this. And in the meantime, I don't think there's any point in causing trouble without a plan."

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