After the Apocalypse
Chapter 52: Second Letter

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

January 17, 2002
Dear Chris;
I think we made a lot of progress today toward fixing things around here. For the first time in a long time, we've been able to throw off the crazy pressure that's been hanging on all of us and just have some fun-and we needed it. I haven't played kickball since I was about 10, but it was just what everyone needed today as some sort of cabin fever cure. We got my girls and the Winter Camp guys working together and playing. So on that level, things are looking up.
On other levels, though, I'm disturbed. I discovered today that Steve Donohue-who's more or less the leader of the Winter Camp crew-has vanished and has killed a couple of townies in Lapeer. There's a killer wandering around out there, and the guys are keeping it a secret. I heard about it accidentally, but they seem to be keeping a lot more secrets than just that. This is the kind of thing that Carrie and Erin were talking about, I guess-how everyone needs to be kept updated on everything serious that's going on.
I think we made some good progress on that issue with a couple of the younger guys when we met with Jerry Reid and Steve Clark right before the kickball game. We've laid what I think is some good groundwork for a more integrated encampment, but it has yet to be taken to its fullest realization. The time for that may be sooner than we think-I feel like I'm kind of implicated myself in this semi-coverup, because I now know about Steve D. (how I found out isn't really the point here), but I'm not spreading the word to anyone. That's a tough burden to live with.
Moving forward, then, the question then becomes "What has to be done here?". I haven't thought it a good idea to tell anyone else what I know-there would just be way too many complications falling out of that-but I can't easily act on my discovery without some assistance. This Winter Camp thing is too big for me to go tilting at on my own. Not to mention the fact that there's a lot of pressure I'm feeling to act before something else really bad happens-but what to do? What to do indeed?
Time to sleep on it. By the time you read this, of course, it will all be settled. Remember that I tried to do my best.
Love, Mom

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