After the Apocalypse
Chapter 70: Entry #5

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

20 January 2002 (Day 22): And the plot thickens yet again.

This news comes to me from Allison Arlington, who was one of the participants in the quest to reactivate the pump at Indianwood and replicate that setup closer to home. It seems that on the way back, Jeff was going into a really manic state about what he saw as the immense opportunities that we had to rebuild a society. I don't find this completely impossible to believe-certainly Jeff's capable of that sort of thing-but I wonder if this means we've got someone else vital to the success of our mission who's parted company with reality. I don't know a lot of the details yet, and I honestly suspect that there's not a lot to worry about. I will have to make it a point to talk to her again later and get some more information about all this, though.

She seemed more than a little concerned, which I'm hoping we can just attribute to a lack of familiarity with Jeff and his ways-the old "nature of Rand" thing. Of course, I'm not sure if anyone can get through to Jeff and get to the bottom of his mind, see if there's anything serious going on-Doug and Roger were there with him and Allison, and if they couldn't do anything…well, they were certainly the two leading candidates. With Steve still missing, that means the top three choices aren't available. Leaving…who? Me? Ron? Ozzie?

Which brings up another issue: we're just getting too fragmented here. Steve's gone, and we haven't heard from Joe and Dave Woods since they went to scout Lapeer. Unfortunately, I don't see any real way to fight that-or keep it from spreading. Face it, if someone wanted to go rushing off to, say, "see what's out there", there'd be little we could do to stop him or her. Good will and the sense of a common good can only last us so long, and I don't doubt that some people are getting restless.

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