After the Apocalypse
Chapter 81: Third Letter

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

January 21, 2002
Dear Chris;
Things have temporarily (I suspect) calmed down a little here. Some things are going better-running water, for example. Some are just in limbo-we're missing a few adventurers who are out doing various semi-secret things. And I find myself obsessing over the risks we're all facing here. But nothing's deteriorating in camp right now, which is kind of a relief.
Let me tell you about your father, now that I've got some down time. This is hard for me to write, because so much of it necessarily has to be in the past tense, but you deserve to know about him. Evan Camp was a good man, of course-in a lot of ways, I see traces of him in many of the men we've met up here. I can easily imagine how he might even be taking the lead in a group such as ours, trapped in some sort of new world in western Michigan, which is where he was spending the week while I was up at the Tundra Stomp. Of course, it's not terribly likely that that's happening, but I find myself clinging to that dream from time to time. I know he wasn't camping or anything, and that the destruction on that side of the state was probably pretty complete, but as Ron and Mark would say, "absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence". Nonetheless, I have to come to terms with the very real possibility that I may never see him again-and that you might never meet him.
Which is a tragedy. Because I can't imagine what your life and mine will be like without him, compared to what I know they could have been with him. I've known Evan for eight years, and the difference he's made in my life has been nothing short of remarkable. That's the kind of guy he is-he cares about people and has a real impact on pretty much everyone he knows. And it comes so naturally for him; it's really a genuine concern for the people in his life that drew me to him and has made me unbelievably happy all these years.
I can't write any more just now-it's too hard. I just hope he'll have a chance to impact your life.
Love, Mom

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