Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 1 -- Planning the Future
by Steve Donohue

"Weíre all agreed then," said Chairman Tommy Lee "that the theme for Winter Camp XXII will be Middle Earth?"

The remaining Arrowmen in the room nodded, although it was clear the Klingon Camp crew wasnít completely happy. They were rather vocal about their displeasure and began cursing amongst themselves in Klingon. Finally Tommy took decisive action by slamming a bottle off Lou Pezetís head.

"Iíve had enough. We took a vote, you lost, deal with it." said Tommy, and he returned to the business at hand. Lou shot him a murderous glance, but held his tongue, noting that the Beast had smiled when the bottle found its mark. It was one thing to play tough Klingon with Tommy, quite another to risk a confrontation with Dr. Beast.

"Well," said Steve Donohue, the seemingly permanent adviser for Winter Camp, "what sort of activities will we be having this year?"

Everybody groaned at the memory of the previous yearís meeting which had lasted for nearly 15 hours. The activity and meal themes kept getting worse and worse, and since no one had the power to cross one off the list, the mere mention of the voting procedures drove many to tears of boredom. Mark Bollman reached into his duffel bag and came up with two large stacks of pages.

"The small list," he said, "is of activities that rated a 10.5 or better last year. The larger list is of those that did not. I think it would be a good fund-raiser for Winter Camp if it cost $1.00 each to bring those lower-rated activities back into consideration."

Steve smiled at Markís cleverness. Usually the problem was with some members insisting on bringing their ideas back from the deadlist, no matter how outlandish they were. By charging a fee to resurrect them at least the more miserly members like Jeff Rand and John Howey would be less likely to insist. A fund-raiser was perfect, since no one would disagree with the camp making a little money and at a dollar apiece, the number of those ideas brought back was going to be limited, since no one was likely to spend a fortune on a bunch of really bad ideas. He and Tom conferred for a moment and decided you could have one free one for every 2 Winter Camps youíd attended, with a minimum of one free. Some further wrangling made it a "no diplomacy" situation, so the younger members couldnít get corralled into using their one at the behest of one of the old-timers.

The call went out for reconsiderations and a number of questionable ideas were placed back into consideration. Finally, all the free choices were gone and everyone figured it was over. A simultaneous groan erupted from the group as Jeff reached for his wallet. He fished in and came up with a bill. He pulled it from his wallet and presented it to Tommy with a grand flourish.

"Perimeter Hike," he declared, and the rest of the group groaned even louder.

"Hey, this isnít even a real dollar," complained Tommy, noting that the bill was actually Canadian.

"Good, that means even if it gets voted in, we only have to do about 70% of the perimeter," quipped Lou.

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