Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 13 -- First Encounter
by Steve Donohue

Ugrek had woken up to go to the bathroom, so he didnít have his sword with him when he saw the human ride by. He quickly roused his fellows though, realizing that this man was probably a scout and that he might have seen them. They began tracking him carefully, following him along a well-marked trail just below the lake. They hadnít been moving for long when they heard the tell-tale signs of a horse approaching fast.

They melted into the woods like seasoned warriors and waited to see who was coming. When Ugrek saw it was a single man, he gave a low call to alert the others to attack. Waiting for the right moment, he stepped out and let out a fierce bellow, brandishing his sword towards the man. Heíd hoped to frighten the manís mount and leave him unhorsed, but this man was no amateur.

His horse reared back and the man quickly brought it under control. As the scout drew his sword, the horse reared again and sent Ugrek sprawling with a single blow from itís steel-shod hooves. Ugrek lay against the base of a tree wondering if he was dead or alive while Dahj managed to pull the man from his horse. The other orks quickly beat the man unconscious, while Falgon made quick work of the manís steed with his spear.

"All right," said Ugrek, as he pulled himself up painfully, "letís take our prisoner back to the caves and weíll have the priests interrogate him." He secretly hoped that one of them would take pity on him and help with his wounds, but he didnít really expect that to happen.

Falgon and the others bound the human and took him up to the other side of the trail. Dahj went behind and used a branch to try and brush their trail out of the snow. Ugrek didnít like it though and figured the humans would still be able to follow. Once they got back on the hills, he had Dahj and Rel wait near the top of the first steep slope. As the humans approached, theyíd be able to make short work of them with their bows. The steepness of the slope would protect them from a charge.

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