Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 24 -- Refugees
by Steve Donohue

The two returned just as the others were preparing to march off to war and kill all the orks. Ron and Tim quickly explained what had happened and what they’d seen. The other nodded gravely and tried to devise a new course of action.

"If they’re mounting raiding parties, your majesty," said Mark, "then perhaps we need to warn the other units in camp."

King Mark nodded his agreement. "It is very important, since we can be sure that none of the other units will be ready for this sort of thing. I’d imagine the sight of an ork would send most of them scurrying for cover."

He paused a moment as a nervous laugh went through the group, then continued. "Perhaps it would be best if we sent a few patrols out to warn the others and to see if any of them have seen anything. Dan, Mark, Dave, and Lou will lead patrols. Ron, I’m afraid you’ll have to sit this out back here, since you’re scarier than any ork. The rest of you join with one of the patrols, try to spread things out so we have a fair mix of experience. Doug, John, Ron and I will remain here and begin formulating plans and making arrangements. If necessary, we’ll take in refugees, just let us know ahead of time so we can keep Ron out of sight."

The leaders quickly gathered their teams and set out on the trail. Back at the inn, the group quickly got down to business and started setting up as a shelter.

"Ron, the first thing we need is firewood. Could you take that axe and go get us some firewood?" said Mark. The ogre nodded and headed outside. The two innkeepers put on a big pot of soup and then busied themselves setting up extra cots and beds in case they were pressed into service as a shelter. The king sat at a large table and began drawing battle plans.

"You can’t win," said Dahj, almost forgotten in the heat of the moment.

"We can and we will," replied the King. "You don’t seem to understand the realities of the situation, we are highly trained, motivated to win, and we have the power of good behind us."

"The power of good," laughed the ork. "Which god grants that? You have a few decent warriors but we are many and you are few and so we will win."

"We shall see," replied Mark, hoping to bring the conversation to a close.

"Yes you will," said the Ork, returning to his own silence as the ogre brought in a double armload of firewood.

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