Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 26 -- Survivors
by Steve Donohue

Downes couldn’t believe what he was reading, the list of people who had attended Winter Camp read like a Who’s Who in over-achievement.. Mark Bollman, developer of the Unified Measurement System and the Unified Theory, John Howey, the man who had cracked AI once and for all, and Ron Donohue the real estate tycoon were just three of them and there were a lot more including a couple of rock musicians and some artists whose names he recognized. He could scarcely believe that all these people would have met, much less been camp buddies.

Of course, the list, which included more than 50 doctors, was almost worthless to him. Most of the best names on it were of people who were untouchable. There was no way Ron Donohue would talk to him and most of the other interesting names were similarly hard to get hold of. He finally settled on two of the lesser luminaries who had been around for a while, Doug Wilson, the owner of an engineering firm and Steve Donohue. Getting Wilson on the phone proved more difficult than he expected. He called the firm, located in Allen Park, Michigan and asked to speak to Mr. Wilson. A very polite secretary offered that Mr. Wilson was out of the office but she’d be glad to take a message for him. Downes left his name and number and asked that she tell him that it "concerned the future of Winter Camp."

Donohue was even harder to track down. He apparently, based on tax returns, had a house in Taylor, Michigan, but several calls netted only an answering machine and the message that he’d be gone until the beginning of February. A routine background check revealed that he made a living as a carnival busker, traveling from Renaissance Faire to Renaissance Faire. He left a message on the machine but did not expect to receive a return call.

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