Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 27 -- Room at the Inn
by Steve Donohue

John and Doug were busy, between the four patrols theyíd sent out they brought back a total of thirty-five campers all of whom were squeezed into the now crowded common room. The two of them were bustling back and forth trying to keep everyone happy and well-fed. The King was holding court with the four scoutmasters in the backroom trying to explain to them what exactly was going on.

"We believe," said Hunt, "that there is somehow a fundamental flaw in the structure of the universe and that this flaw has somehow enabled reality to be reshaped."

The four scoutmasters looked at him in disbelief, clearly not willing to believe that this was possible, much less that this twenty-something was the "king" of this whole region. Of course, there were plenty of things on his side, not the least of which was the evidence theyíd already seen. Only one had actually encountered orks, but the other three also had kids who were changing into something else.

Mark continued, "I believe that the citizens of Metamora are in danger from an ork attack and I mean for us to stop them. The campers here are fairly capable of handing themselves, and we believe that many of the scouts in your units will have developed some skills with weapons and perhaps even magic. We hope to utilize these skills to defeat the orks before they can march on the town."

"Just a moment now," interrupted Mr. Gates, "I donít understand this, but I donít see why we arenít trying to fix it instead of just playing along with it".

"I agree," chimed in Boolean. "It seems to me that we should be trying to get out of this, not just going along with it".

"May I your majesty?" asked Mark Bollman. When the king nodded, he continued, "There is no way for us to determine how this was caused from here and therefore, we canít stop it. It seems that the best thing to do is to try and do what we know how to do: serve others."

"I saw one of your boys almost get killed, and I donít know that heís in the clear yet. Whatís going to keep that from happening to our boys?" asked Mr. Jones.

"We think," answered Mark Hunt, "that if we succeed the boys will be okay. If we fail, then they will have died in the normal course of their lives; while serving as apprentices or soldiers. We plan to be as careful as possible throughout and should be able to minimize the danger to the boys."

The four scouters nodded their heads reluctantly, agreeing with the plan even though they still had reservations.

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