Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 29 -- Survivorís Tales
by Steve Donohue

About an hour after heíd left his message, Downes got a call from Wilson. He was surprised, because heíd thought the secretaryís promise was a blow off. Wilson sounded surprisingly strong for someone who was approaching seventy years of age, and it was clear that he was agitated.

"Walter Downes, please" came his voice through the receiver.

"This is he", said Downes.

"This is Doug Wilson of Wilson Engineered Products. I understand you called my office earlier today and threatened Winter Camp somehow. I wonder just which branch of the government youíre with and who your supervisor might be".

"Hold on sir, slow down for a minute. Itís true I said there might not be a Winter Camp 50, but itís none of my doing. Itís your friend Jeff Rand. Heís created a paradox and weíre not sure it will be recoverable."

"A paradox," answered Wilson, "how would he do that?"

"You know he works for Forestry, in the archeobiology division, right?"


"Well, sometime two days ago, he seems to have gone off the deep end. He seems to have gone to Winter Camp I, then to somewhere in the future, then to your Winter Camp XXII. In the process, he managed to create a paradox event thatís just about off our scales for this sort of thing. Itís not just Winter Camp thatís in danger, itís our entire future and our past."

"Well, it seems to me that anything Jeff did is going to help Camp, not hurt it. Things might be different, but Iím sure there will still be a Winter Camp".

"Itís not that easy Mr. Wilson. With a .97 Event Horizon, itís possible that he will affect the past of our world too. Rivers and mountains may change their course from what we know, national boundaries could change, hell, for all we know, Southern California is about to slip into the sea."

"Paradox huh," said Wilson, "okay, suppose I believe you. How can I help change things so they work out in the same context."

"Thatís the part we donít know yet. We hope that if we can stop Rand then we can stop the paradox event before it gets too far gone. We have about fourteen hours left. We also have the 1998 version of Rand."

"Hmm," said Wilson, "Let me make a few phone calls and Iíll get back to you, will you be at this number?"

"All day," said Downes.

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