Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 30 -- Orkish Intelligence
by Steve Donohue

The ork high council was assembled in the Chief’s cave. There were three priests, and all six sub-chiefs present as well as Ugrek. The council had questioned Ugrek carefully and determined that the main human settlement lay to the west and that there was an armed camp of dangerous humans to the east. The path seemed clear to the council and the information they’d gotten from the ranger proved them out. They would move first against the armed humans who had all seemingly gathered about a mile and a half from the ork’s cave in a place called the Beaver Creek Inn. Once those puny humans were gone, the rest would be easy work.

They laid their plans carefully. Ugrek would lead his group first and they would circle wide to flank from the south. A second group would go beyond them and come at the humans from the east hoping to get an edge on the unprepared humans by coming from the direction they couldn’t possibly be in. Once they’d burned the tavern to the ground and killed all its occupants the town would be easy pickings.

That night, they danced the war dance and sung of the great victories of their past and of victory that awaited them now. The priests prayed for guidance and proclaimed that the event had the blessing of Grumash. They decided to again let Ugrek lead and to attack just before dawn while it was still dark and the humans would either be asleep or at least hard-pressed to see them in the dim light.

In the morning, Ugrek again found himself at the beginning of the long line of Orks marching out of the tunnel. The war drums were loud and booming, but they did not play the horns or sing the battle songs as they had earlier. Once they exited the caves, the drums were largely silent for the next hour, giving their flankers time to get into position before the final confrontation took place.

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