Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 31 -- Be Prepared
by Steve Donohue

The elf sprinted back to camp when he was relatively sure of the orksí plan. It appeared they were going to try and surround the Beaver Creek building and they had sufficient force to give him cause for alarm. He arrived at the inn and was immediately taken in to see the King and the three scoutmasters.

"Good day, your majesty," said Tim, "I fear I bring dire tidings indeed. The Orks are on the march and their advance seems targeted at surrounding us. A large host of them is moving along our left flank and I can only assume the worst."

"How long ago did they begin moving?" asked King Mark.

"They began their march perhaps fifteen minutes ago. I believe we could still intercept them before they achieved their position; captured by surprise, they would be easy prey for your more skilled warriors."

"Perhaps," mused the King, "but I think I have a better idea."

"What would that be," asked Boolean, still a little apprehensive about trusting the young King with the safety of his charges.

"I think we shall attack the main body of orks in force, with the hope of scattering them before their companions can arrive here to reinforce them. With their leaders gone, I believe the others will either flee or surrender. Either way, we can achieve a victory."

"I donít like it," said Smith. "It seems awfully risky to go on the offensive. I think we should take the kids into the woods and hide out. These orks arenít likely to be a match for the scouts in the woods."

"If I may interject, your majesty," interrupted the elf, "While it is true that orks arenít known for their woodcraft, I think it would be unwise to count them inept. After all, they did manage to capture Moros, and he was no babe in the wilderness."

"Agreed," said the King. "So it shall be then, we go on the offensive. Bring in the magicians and the squad leaders. We will need to move quickly."

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