Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 32 -- Future Tense
by Steve Donohue

"Okay, Downes, I’ve got a couple of friends together and we’d like to meet with the past Rand. We believe we can convince him to put an end to the Paradox."

"I’d be happy to let you talk to him," said Downes, "but I don’t think you understand the true nature of this event. Even if you do convince him that it would be a bad idea to do this, the pictures are already there and there’s no way to undo that now other than to stop the present Rand from doing it."

"Well, that is a possibility," said Wilson, "but there are a lot more than that. Where’s your office or wherever you’re holding Rand, and when can we visit? My friends and I can be available in about an hour."

"That would be fine, sir. We have a jet on standby at Metro in hopes you would say that. Just report to the charter gate and we’ll get you in," declared Downes.

"Very well," said Wilson, "we’ll see you this evening."

Downes breathed a sigh of relief. He believed that if anyone could get Rand to confess and to divulge what he had done it would be these so-called Winter Campers. He hoped their influence would at least get Rand to divulge exactly what he’d done so that Doubleday and his boys could analyze it, it would be a lot easier to put an end to the paradox.

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