Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 40 - The Phone Call
by Steve Donohue

Mike reached for the phone, annoyed that it was ringing at such a late hour. His consternation soon turned to surprise. Ron Donohue was on the phone. He hadnít talked to Dr. Beast in many years and was surprised that Ron even knew his phone number. Of course, with the Beastís financial resources, he could probably get just about any information he wanted.

"Do you have the item I requested," asked Ron, dispensing with social pleasantries.

"I do," said Mike, "but what on earth do you want it for?"

"I canít explain that to you now. A friend of mine will be by to pick it up in a few minutes; please have it ready. Thanks for your help on this one Mike, and Iím sorry."

"Sure," said Mike, "I wasnít really sleeping yet anyhow."

"Goodbye," said the Beast, not bothering to explain to Mike that he wasnít apologizing for the late call, "Iíll look forward to seeing you at Camp this year."

"Maybe," said Ozzie, "Goodnight."

Ron heard the soft click in his ear as Mike hung up. What he was about to do was perhaps the worst thing heíd ever done in his life, even worse than his stint as a leg-breaker in Montreal, but he didnít have any choice. He dialed again and gave his agent instructions for acquiring and then forwarding the item.

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