Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 43 - The Future Ruined!
by Steve Donohue

The tree man covered ground at a tremendous speed and Zack and Steve couldn’t possibly keep up. Seeing their plight, he hoisted the pair of them onto his broad shoulders without even slowing down or straining. They were moving towards the ork encampment and as they went, the tree-man called out to the trees in a strange sing-songy language.

Finally, they reached the ork tunnel and were very surprised. The trees had made short work of the tunnels and the entire complex was collapsed. The CHR monument was nowhere to be seen, apparently destroyed when everything else was. One thing that did stand out was a strange coach standing in a clearing not far from where they were. The tree man approached it and the three investigated.

Inside the coach there were a lot of knobs, buttons and levers, but everything was covered in a thick green moss and plainly ruined. The tree man looked around inside and then the other two poked around. Steve cried out excitedly when he found a small notebook.

"Look, it’s Jeff’s handwriting, and there’s his name. What’s going on here?"

"Ah yes," said the tree man, "that was what I was called, Jeff. An odd name to be sure, very hasty and with not much feeling."

"We have to take this to the king right away. Once we get there, he can have his wizard read through it and maybe we can use it to figure some way out of this mess."

"Hmm. Hoom. Yes, well, we need to pay a visit to those men anyhow. If they are as you say they are, then we may come to an agreement. If they are not, well, then things may go badly for them."

"Don’t worry," said Zach, "they’re cool, and I’m sure they’ll help you with killing orks and taking care of the trees or whatever you need done".

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