Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 51 - December 28, 1998
by Steve Donohue

The day dawned cold and bright and the first two people up were Jeff and Doug. Doug stumbled out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. He pulled down the box of Rice Krispies and had a bowl of it. Jeff’s fake pictures were still on the table. He looked at them idly and wondered how it was that Jeff had done such a poor job on the fakes. In fact, it was almost as if he wanted them to be seen. Jeff came out and saw Doug looking at the pictures.

He pretended to fly into a rage and grabbed them all and began ripping them. Finally, he tossed them into the trash never to be seen again. Doug was surprised by this, but didn’t say anything. He poured himself a second bowl of cereal and filled one for Jeff as well.

"I had the strangest dream last night," Doug began. "Somehow we all became Tolkien characters and..."

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