Paradox Metaphor
Chapter 8 -- A Call to Arms
by Steve Donohue

Ugrek marched proudly at the head of the long column of Orks. He had only recently been promoted to sergeant and still felt that slight rush of glory every time his men called him sir. His tribe, the Red Eyes was going to war, and the humans were in for it good. They'd prayed to the gods and drilled for months. The people of Westvale were done for this time, and none of their stupid allies could do anything about it.

As he reached the end of the tunnel, Ugrek stumbled and fell. He drug himself to his feet and looked around. Even though it was well into the night, he could see as well as a human could see in the daylight, and he wasn't very happy with what he saw. The rocky mountains that ringed his home were gone. He was standing on a steep hill in a heavily forested area. This was powerful magic, and he was not prepared for it. He ordered his men back and sent one of them to bring word to the lieutenant that something was wrong.

There was a good deal of jostling at the cave mouth as the scores of orks behind had no way of knowing that the front of the line had stopped or why. Gradually, word that some sort of Elven magic had ruined their homeland spread, and the orks were outraged. The lieutenant made it to the head of the column amidst a good deal of cursing and swearing. He saw the terrain and was shocked. He'd never heard of such a thing, and this was his 27th winter.

Realizing that he might be blamed for this, he quickly ordered Ugrek and his party to begin scouting the area while the rest of them fell back and regrouped. He'd never liked Ugrek and didn't mind sending him on dangerous assignments. He was sure that the big ork was gunning for his job and he wasn't interested in fighting for it.

He went back to let the chief know what had happened and both agreed that Ugrek should scout the area. They then retired to the temple to pray to their god for guidance. The priests were there and they were in a furious state. They claimed that Grumash had abandoned their tribe for some reason. After hearing of the events at the cave mouth, they decided that it was Ugrek who had led them to this disaster. He had somehow displeased the gods and now the whole tribe was paying for it. Upon his return, they would sacrifice him and things would be better.

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