Paradox Metaphor
Coming Attractions!
by Steve Donohue

So ends Paradox Metaphor

I'd have to say that it didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped. I'd also recommend that future authors try to write their stories between Winter Camps. The events following Winter Camp XVII, when I started this thing have changed the scope of camp dramatically and I don't think I've done them all justice.

It was too much work to go back and try to rewrite to take into account all the new people, so I just tossed a few of them in here and there without really changing the story. That's probably the biggest failing in my mind. The other thing is that when I started to write this, Winter Camp XXII was far enough off to be the future, now it's practically tomorrow

Hopefully, no one is too offended with their role in all this; such was not my intent. (Of course, the only complaint so far was from Howey who disliked that he didn't get to kill anyone, so maybe I'm okay).


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