How it works
Well, basically, it's semi-manual. You need to do several things each time you update (sorry about that). I suppose one day I'll get off my ass and right this in JAVASCRIPT, but first I'd have to learn it.
The first thing to do is to create a new quiz by clicking below, then hitting submit. The current quizzes can be viewed on the trivia page (for reasons to lame to explain, it's easier to look there.

Form for new quiz

Number for this weeks quiz (must not duplicate):

Category or Topic (can duplicate):

Once the new quiz is created, you'll be on a new page that will let you add questions and answers. The rules for those are pretty straightforward; always a radio button list of 5 choices. (Easier for me).

To change the high scores, click here.

To change the weekly stuff, click here.

The weekly stuff is prepended, so it is always added to the list. High Scores, not surprisingly, are an overwrite. For the moment, there is no plan (at least on my part) to allow for a later display of correct answers.


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