Postmark Project
Sample Letter

Based on our previous autograph experience and the advice we found on the net, we decided to make our letter as clear and friendly as possible. Here's a sample:

Your Organization
C/O Your name
Your street
Your City, State Zip+Four

United States Postal Service
Attn: Postmaster
313 E 1st Ave
Beaver Creek, MN 56116-9998

Dear Postmaster:

My name is Your Name and I'm an Your Title for Your Organization.

One of the projects I work on each year is something we call Winter Camp. Winter Camp bills itself as one of the most unusual Scout encampments ever and it's one of the reasons we're so successful. Each year, we come up with some project with the goal of doing something different. A few years ago, we collected autographs from celebrities.

This year, we're trying to collect postmarks from towns with the same name as one or more of our past or current attendees. Your town happens to be one of the ones for which we have a namesake or which struck our fancy as we hunted for the "real" towns.

I'd really appreciate it if you could arrange to cancel the enclosed postcard and mail it back to us. If you wanted to jot down a few words of encouragement for the Scouts, or if you just wanted to tell us a little about your town, we'd really appreciate it!

If you'd like to learn a little more about Winter Camp, you can find us on the Internet at, where we run a fairly large site with perhaps way more than you'd ever want to know about us. We'll be adding a section about our postmark collections soon, although we won't tell the Scouts right away. It'll be at

Again, thanks in advance for your help, and please feel free to call or contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

Your name
Your title
Your group
Your email
Your daytime phone

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