Postmark Project

I'm not sure this project would have been possible without the help of the Internet. It certainly would have been a lot harder. The one thing I never figured out was where Jeff had received his initial list of cities - I never found a tool that would guarantee me the name of a city that had its own zip code.

US Census Bureau, Gazetteer
Allows a search by City/State or Zip. Returns 1990 population (based on US Census data) and a list of zip codes serving the city.
USPS: Post Office Locator
Good resource for finding actual post office addresses. The only downside is that you need an address in that post office's coverage area.
Yahoo Yellow Pages
Useful for finding appropriate addresses for the post office. I had the most luck looking for churches, restaurants, post offices, and elementary schools in that order.
Postmark Newsletter Home Page
This page is really devoted to pictorial cancellations, but there are tips there that would apply to any cancellation; we used some of them ourselves.

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