Postmark Project

We generated our listing use Microsoft Word with a few different form letters. We've included what we did in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and in the original Word format. In order to make it all work, you should know a little about the "mail-merge" tool in Microsoft Word. For a more complicated project, you might consider using MS Excel or even Access.

To use the word versions, the easiest thing is to save the target, but you could also open them normally, depending on your browser; the other two should open when you click on them.

City List
Our list of cities is probably unique to us, so we've just included a sample city so you can see what we did. There isn't any pdf or text version here since they wouldn't be of any use that we can think of.

Post Card back
We used a standard Avery 5389 post card for our project; we had no trouble backfeeding through the printer to print on both sides, but your printer may not be as tolerant as ours.

Word Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
Post Card front
In our case, we decided to just print the initials of our Winter Camp Future Society along with a few identifiers on the front - it was our hope that this would encourage everyone to be careful with our cards and it seems to have worked.

Word Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
This is the letter we sent to the postmasters. Some of what we wrote was based on advice we'd found on other web pages, the rest we invented ourselves.

Word Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Text

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