Capture the Objective

This game is really nothing more than an advanced version of Capture the Flag. The goal is simple; each team tries to defend its own objective while taking those of the opposing team(s). Teamwork is an essential ingredient, as all participants should have a chance for meaningful play.


The home territories for two teams are bounded by Ranch Road. One team is headquartered in Cow Camp, and the other in Highland Campsite. The furthest boundaries of D-A itself form the extent of possible playing territory.


A player is captured if he is touched by an opposing player while in enemy territory. He must accompany that player to enemy headquarters and have his card punched. From there, he returns directly to his own headquarters and has a matching punch put in his card.


The objective must be in plain sight and readily available. The person(s) guarding the objective must stay ten feet from it unless an opponent is within ten feet.

Treasures (Optional):

These items are scattered in home territory away from the headquarters, but within 500 feet of the objective. They must be in plain sight and at ground level accessibility.

Night Rules:

Since some games may be held at night, flashlights are a common item of equipment. Flashlights may be carried and used by either team.


A victor is determined by adding up the value of all captured objects and subtracting 5 points for each capture. The objective is worth 50 points, and all additional treasuresare worth 5 points each. Whichever team winds up with the greatest total wins.


Obviously, the big points are involved in capturing the objective. For this reason, as much manpower as possible should be devoted to this task. Strategies involving a high level of defense have been used before, but during night games, stealth may become much more feasible.

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