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In answer to popular demand, we present here, for the first time ever, a complete explanation of the Winter Camp Code. This code can be used to encrypt any data, for any reason. It has (of course) been adapted for computer use, so it can be used if data must travel over unsecured phone lines.

It is also suitable for use in recording what items you have offered to bring to Camp. In some cases, parents become quite irate at finding their microwave oven gone. At least this way, they don't suspect anything 'til we've used it a few times.

Now, without further ado, the Winter Camp Code:

Firstly, the Winter Camp Code is a substitution cipher. Simply put this means an 'A' represents a 'B' and a 'B' means 'C'. Of course, to complicate things, we start our code transmissions with a three letter system. The first two letters represent the substitution portion of the cipher, so code ABM means an A is replaced by a B.

The third letter is either an N, an M, or a B. This represents a positional shift in letter order. N means no shift has taken place, B means it's written backwards, and M means the words are inside out, with the last half placed in front. For purposes of the code, all words consist of five letters. In the case of an M, the last two letters would go first. Therefore, the following would all be valid ways to encode the word 'there':

Using a 'B' code: ereht
Using an 'N' code: there
Using an 'M' code: rethe

To encode a message, first write the message out in groups of five letters. If the end of the message isn't a whole group, pad with E's to complete the five letter grouping. Once that's done, complete the substitutions, then adjust the letter order. Don't forget that the first three letters represent the code name.

Meet me at the latrine in ABN code becomes: ABNNF FUNFB UUIFM BUSJO FFFFF
Note that the E's in this case became F's in the coded version.

Bring a microwave in ACM code becomes: ACMDT COKPI QYKET GGCXG
Note that the first word is not adjusted but appears in normal order.

If your message includes numbers, they follow the alphabet, and should be arranged sequentially. Therefore, our alphabet is effectively: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789

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