Winter Camp Names and Nicknames


Achatz Spaghetti A concoction of noodles and sauce cooked in a single pot; a very starchy meal.
Bollman-Oakes A former member of former troop 1058 in Allen Park.
Donohue Play; amusement.
McGrath Wood Pile Any collection of a cord or more of firewood to be used for Order of the Arrow ceremonies.
Oakes' Lunch Any midday meal involving chicken noodle soup and cold cuts.
Oatley Breakfast A low sugar morning meal high in nutrients.
Osvath Wiring Any extensive maze or web of wiring.
Radtke Ground Flame Any dangerous burst of fire from the ground reaching a height of at least six feet.
Rand Stew A concoction of food prepared from all Winter Camp leftovers.

Winter Camp Nicknames

Nickname Correct Name
The Beast Ron Donohue
Bollmen Bollmans
Box Eric Rohloff
Daha Stephen Donohue
HO Harold Oatley
Hector's Boy Steven Paz Pejuan
Howard, the Duck Howard Hammes
Luru Louis Pezet, Jr.
Mister Horn Roger Horn
Old Bob, Fish Scale Head Robert Stone, Sr.
Oooswah Michael Osvath
The Queberite Michael Perez
Pitchfork Kenneth Pitchford
Pockets Adam Pezet
Squirrelly Reed Shannon
Stick Man Joseph Cipponeri

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