Winter Camp Measurements

In preparation for Winter Camp II in 1978, a new measurement system based on universal constants was developed. This system was the logical progression from the Old English System and its human measures, through the Metric System with its earth measures, to a system of constants appropriate throughout the universe. This is the official system of measure in use at Winter Camp.

Distance Measures:

Tit: The classical radius of an electron at rest.
Tad: 1015 tits.

Measures of Mass:

Dash: Mass of an electron at rest.
Holbrook: 1030 dashes.

Time Measures:


Time it takes light to travel the radius of an electron in a vacuum, stationery reference.

1026 flashes. (The time it takes Laurel & Hardy to travel to the thirteenth floor in the movie "Blockheads.")
Bluemoon: 1030 flashes. 104 jiffies
Hellfreeze: 1035 flashes. 109 jiffies.

Temperature Measures:

Scorch: 10-1 times Triple Point of Hydrogen, 100% H1 isotopes.

Energy Measures:

Friedman: 1 dash times 1 square tit divided by 1 square flash.


Zap: The charge on an electron
Osvath: 1 zap per flash (current)
Milon: 1 friedman per (zap times osvath)

Amount of Substance:


The number of elementary objects equal to the number of atoms in .1 holbrook of hydrogen1

Luminous Intensity:


The luminous intensity generated from the photon emitted by an electron jumping from the first excited state to the ground state in a hydrogen atom.


Nudge: (1 dash times 1 tit) per square flash


Peer: A nudge on a square tit

Approximate Conversions

1 Tad (T) = 2.817938 meters or 9.245203 feet.
1 Holbrook (hbk) = 910.953447 grams.
1 Jiffy (J) = 939.96297 seconds or 15.66605 minutes.
1 Bluemoon (bm) = 108.79201 days.
1 Hellfreeze (hf) = 29786.24 Gregorian years.
1 Scorch (s) = 1.3810247 deg. K or 271.769 deg. C.

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