Winter Camp Murder

This game of life and death will test a player's ingenuity and skill. Each player spends 48 hours trying to avoid being killed; at the same time, he strives to carry out the instructions assigned by the computer. As one or more people will probably be trying to kill him, he must be constantly alert. Realistic role playing will make the game most successful. The game is divided into four phases, detailed below.

PHASE I: Computer Discussion

During this phase, the players answer several questions posed by the computer. The computer then evaluates this data and assigns each player a set of instructions. The instructions are based on the answers given by the players.

Phase II: Implementation

Once all players have received their instructions, the game begins. All instructions must be carried out by 12:00 noon on December 30. Most of the instructions are self-explanatory, but a few words may help to explain:

PHASE III: Investigation and Arrest

The Security Officer should investigate all crimes. The Security Officer and his deputies can make arrests until 4:00 p.m. December 30. All those arrested are free on bail.

PHASE IV: Trials

Trials are held in accordance with standard judicial practice. The Security Officer serves as prosecutor or can appoint one. The Judge appoints a four member jury. They must be impartial, and select their own foreman. Defendants are entitled to an attorney.

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