Winter Camp Songs
As a new attraction for Winter Camp IX, these songs were written to honor the event. They are, of course, confidential material, especially the Funeral Song. In keeping with the spirit of Winter Camp, we ask not that you sing these songs well, but that you do it with feeling.
CAG Funeral Song
(I'm lookin over a four leaf clover)
I'm lookin' over the CAG's dead body,
A sight that fills me with glee.
His face is broken;
His clothes are a mess!
I am just glad that
We're rid of this pest!
There's nobody crying;
Our thoughts are flying;
The wretched CAG is gone at long last.
Oh I'm lookin' over the CAG's dead body,
A sight that fills me with glee!

Winter Camp Promotional Song
Winter Camp's great; we think Winter Camp's great.
In December, it's the place to be.
If you know someone who's been,
Bet he's going back again
Back to camp - 'cuz it's fun - Oh!

Winter Camp Spirit Song
(America the Beautiful)
Oh Winter Camp you are so good, so great in every way.
I only wish that we could stay at least another day.
Oh Winter Camp! Oh Winter Camp,
You've brought us so much fun.
I made a list of all your faults
And found that there were none.

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