Winter Camp XIX - 1995


Jeff Rand, Publisher

Welcome to Winter Camp XIX

The rest of your life begins today. Winter Camp XIX will affect your life in ways you can hardly imagine. After all, this may be the Winter Camp where we have a visitor from the future. Enjoy!

Take a Moment

Although the official unit of time at Winter Camp is the jiffy, don't forget to set your clocks ahead 77 minutes as you enter the Winter Camp Time Zone. This way you'll better adjust to the late hours known to be kept in these parts.

Uff Da!

Explorers will set sail for the new lands to the west of the shallow sea of St. Clair. Following the great traditions of the Norsemen, they will meet the challenges of Winter Camp XIX

Several thematic events will be held this year. Wednesday will feature Viking Olympics; Thursday will provide curling and Viking Explorers; and festivities will culminate on Saturday will the Viking Feast and Night at the Tavern. (Sorry, its not the White Horse.)

Arrowman are encouraged to dress and act the part for these Viking activities. However, indiscriminate sacking and pillaging will be discouraged.

Winter Camp Trivia

by Mark Bollman

Remember last year's questions:

  1. Who won the Snow Croquet match at Winter Camp XVIII?
    Dan Hammon, Mark Hunt, Jeff Rand
  2. At which Winter Camp XVIII meal were hats provided?
    Cannonball Lunch
  3. Which was the only dish served during the Winter Camp History Banquet that had never been prepared at Winter Camp before?
  4. Part of which Winter Camp XVIII event took place under a rainbow?
    Pirate Quest
  5. Who has served the most terms as Winter Camp adviser?
    Steve Donohue
  6. At which Winter Camp was the first Medieval Feast served?
    Winter Camp XV
  7. Jeff Rand's short story "Lived a Sin or Won?" focuses on exploits of which two Winter Camp veterans?
    Ron Donohue and Lou Pezet
  8. At which Winter Camp did the Winter Camp News publish 6 issues?
    Winter Camp XIV

How Many Times Have We?

The Winter Camp Almanac and Book of Facts has been expanded this year. It may just provide the knowledge you seek regarding Winter Camp.

Welcome World

Kyle Storm Howey entered conscious existence last summer. Kyle shares half of the genes of John Howey.

Karley Rae Annice Horn completed qualifications as a Tert this past month. Mister Horn participated in the creation of Karley.

A miserly recommendation has been offered for the two to marry in the future, thus avoiding the need for Karley to change her monogram.

Hobbies to be Demonstrated

In the continuing effort to extend Winter Camp beyond the 5-day weekette, Winter Campers developed and practiced new hobbies during the past year. Tonight each new musician, craftsman, artist, collector, or scientist will have a chance to demonstrate his new hobby.

John Howey Drawing
Joe Cipponeri Recreational soccer
Mark Hunt Key chain collecting (at least 12)
Dan Hammon Word Collecting (at least 52)
Nick Polifroni Fix up car
Dave Radecki Chess
Brian Mann Ball collecting (at least 12)
Mark Bollman Amateur radio
Roger Horn Create Winter Camp stock market game
Mike Osvath Personal cash flow analysis
Adam Pezet Snowboarding
Dave Woods Electronics
Joe Hall Jazz library building
Josh Caldwell Lathe work
Steve Donohue Sewing, costumery
Jeff Rand Stand-up comedy (at least 12 jokes)
Lou Pezet Photography
Doug Wilson Juggling
Ron Donohue Weight loss/lifting (less than 1/8 ton)

Arrowmen will want to give some thought to a new hobby for 1996. Selections will be made on Saturday.

Reporters Needed

The Winter Camp News does not plan to publish during Winter Camp, but will produce a giant postcamp edition. Your input is needed. Pick a meal or event and write an article for the paper. Please submit it to the Jeff Rand before departure.

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