Winter Camp XVII - 1993


Jeff Rand, Publisher


Again, the year has raced through scores of mundane days to at last another Winter Camp. Five exciting days now await your adventures. Winter Camp creates a new and exciting environment. Make the most of it; you'll only have one crack at Winter Camp XVII.


Winter Camp has jumped forward a millennium. Following last year's successful medieval theme, planners have chosen the reaches of outer space to highlight activities at this year's encampment.

Leaders have appointed themselves to various roles appropriate to a starship. Under the guidance of Captain Joe Hall crew members will be performing the various tasks to keep the Winter Camp ship on course. The following are serving as starfleet officers:

First Officer (Activities): Tom Ray
Life Support (Food): Dave Woods
Medical Officer: Lou Pezet
Security Officer: Mark Hunt
Science Officer: Josh Caldwell
Engineer: Brian Mann

Supporting the officers are the following pieces of equipment:

Computer (Adviser): Steve Donohue
Holodeck (Activities): Jeff Rand
Replicator (Food): Mark Bollman
Hypospray: John Howey
Phaser: Ron Donohue
Tricorder: Doug Wilson
Warp Coil: Tim Hunt


Writing skills may be somewhat lacking in most camp environments, but not at Winter Camp. Each participant will be expected to write a letter to himself to be placed in a sealed envelope. The letters will be brought to Winter Camp 50 for public reading. In the letter you'll want to describe life as it is today and predict what you and the world will be like in 2026.

Some items in your personal predictions might include your height, weight, family status, residence, employment, and what you will wear to Winter Camp 50. At least one Winter Camper plans to wear an item of clothing worn at Winter Camp I. Incidentally, the Winter Camp computer predicts a 78% chance that Winter Camp 50 will be held.


Although the official unit of time at Winter Camp is the jiffy, don't forget to set your clocks ahead 77 minutes as you enter the Winter Camp Time Zone. This way you'll better adjust to the late hours known to be kept in these parts.


A new challenge awaits young Winter Campers today. The old men will be offering a unique event called the "Space Quest." It promises a new adventure to parts unknown, using a different twist on the Winter Camp theme. Be prepared for blast off this afternoon.


All Winter Campers will have a chance to display or demonstrate their new hobby of the past year. Additionally, new hobbies will be chosen to be pursued in the coming months. Be prepared to propose your potential interests so the group can choose the right one for you. Last year's selections include the following:

Joe Hall Stilt walking
Lou Pezet Juggling
Ron Donohue Metalworking
Brian Bumgardner Juggling
Eric Rohloff Gardening
Dave Woods Armory
James Szabo R/C Racing
Jeff Rand Photo developing
Steve Donohue Musical instrument (bagpipes)
Mark Bollman Novel writing (1 copy/person)
John Howey Aikido
Aaron Prunkard Sculpting
Ross Mullican Latin
Brian Mann Business card collecting
Josh Caldwell Knife collecting
Adam Pezet Model plane building
Dan Hammon Juggling
Mike Osvath Exercise
Doug Wilson Bowling
Roger Horn Loom beading
Dave Milon Opera/fine arts
Jay Botoroff Sign Language


The Winter Camp News does not plan to publish during Winter Camp, but will produce a giant postcamp edition. Your input is needed. Pick a meal or event and write an article for the paper. Please submit it to the holodeck before departure.


Coats will be needed for this Winter Camp. But, don't be surprised if snow accumulation is less than two feet. The sun will not be visible for the majority of camp.

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