Winter Camp XX - 1996


Jeff Rand, Publisher


by Steve Perri & Steve Harig

Last night, the first night of Winter Camp, there was a murder. Ron Donohue was the victim and no one was sure who was to blame. The local police made it a do or die situation by threatening to kill everyone unless the murderer was found.

There were five groups of people searching to find the killer, the weapon and the location of the murder. Most people decided it was Dave Milon and/or Dave Woods. It was committed at the skills building with the golf club and, perhaps, some poison. Most people were happy that they discovered the mystery since it kept them from being shot.

Winter Camp Trivia

by Mark Bollman

Today's questions:

  • Who served as hearth chief at Winter Camp XIX?
  • When was the first Winter Camp Manual Published?
  • How many people attended Winter Camp I?
  • Where was Winter Camp I held?
  • Who is known as "Indian Guy"?
  • Hobbies Demonstrated

    After a year of anticipation, arrowmen were finally able to demonstrate their long practiced hobbies. Although there were a few deadbeats, and a few more people missing, the overall demonstration was pretty cool.

    Mark Bollman led the way with his Chewing Gum Making demonstration. He mixed chicle from South America with corn syrup, confectioner's sugar and flavoring to provide gum for every participant.

    Long-winded Jeff Rand delivered a rambling dissertation on his rather dubious flower gardening skills. Adam Pezet delivered a brief demonstration of his Hacky Sack skills.

    Mark Hunt continued the dominance of men named Mark when he substituted fighting for sewing and actually donned his SCA combat armor. Mr. Horn touched off a maelstrom of activity with his barely conceived stock market concept. Mr. Wilson also delivered a brief lecture on his travails in refinishing the candy machine.

    Arrowmen will want to give some thought to a new hobby for 1997. Selections will be made Sunday evening.

    Bollmano's Pizza
    "The finest Italian cuisine in the Wilderness"
    Coming soon to a Winter Camp near you...

    Holy Union Dues!

    You are reading the first daily newsletter published at Winter Camp since XIV.. The publishing strike is now over and we can all Enjoy!

    Indian Events

    On the first day of Winter Camp, we played the Indian Olympics. The events were stone throwing, relay racing, Indian wrestling, shotput, and tomahawk throwing.

    The first place team was the Hakawi tribe; they were followed by Chippewa is gay, Incas darn it, Huron, Tonto and in dead last was the Tomahawks.

    Notable during the contest were extra-long Indian battles involving Steve Donohue and Tim Hunt's record height throw with the shotput.

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    Reporters Needed

    The Winter Camp News does not plan to publish during Winter Camp, but will produce a giant postcamp edition. Your input is needed. Pick a meal or event and write an article for the paper. Please submit it to the Jeff Rand or Roger Fogt before departure.

    Record Attendance

    This year's Winter Camp has smashed two previous attendance records. First, with thirty-two full-time attendees, it is the biggest Winter Camp ever. Secondly, with sixteen new-comers, it's also the largest crop of new people in Winter Camp History.

    Howey Backslides

    John Howey, who had evolved from the mire of goondom has been reclaimed by the tarpits of his youth. Despite his own miniscule efforts to maintain his adult status, not even his most ardent supporters believe John has retained his adult status. He's on a twenty-four hour watch to make sure he doesn't beat up any kids.

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