Origins: The Authors

Jeff Rand is the Field Director of Monmouth Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Now residing in New Jersey. he is originally from Michigan.
Jeff is an Eagle Scout and a long time member of Troop 842. A Vigil Honor member, Jeff has served as an officer at the Chapter, Lodge, and Section levels. He is a holder of the Dan Ling Service Award, as well as a number of other medals for outstanding service.
Jeff includes bicycling, computing. mountaineering, and running among his numerous hobbies and interests.

Steve Donohue is a resident alien of the United States, having emigrated from Canada at the age of three. He was the first member of Troop 1373 to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. He is a Vigil Honor member of Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan Lodge, where he has served as a chapter officer or adviser for the last ten years.
Steve has had a wide range of jobs, doing everything from courier work to construction. He is currently employed as a customs broker at F. X. Coughlin Co. in Taylor. His hobbies consist of Telecommunicating, Gaming, Juggling, and Cinema. He is sometimes called "The King of Christmas."


Jeff is now Chief Scout Executive for Rip Van Winkle Council in New York, home state of the New York Yankees. He has reached the highest point in all fifty states and has begun work on South America and Europe.

Steve is still employed at Coughlin although he now works as a Systems Analyst. He remains active in Mahican Chapter and has attended every Ordeal since his induction in 1976. He still games, he surfs the 'net rather than telecommunicating and he no longer refers to movies as cinema. He watches one TV show a week, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and thinks you should watch it too, but not just because there are babes on it.

Mark Bollman--> is, although he may not know it yet, responsible for many of the updates on these pages. He is a Graduate Assistant and is pursuing a Doctorate in Mathematics.

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