Origins: Baking

Baking is perhaps the thing which most separates the kitchen at Winter Camp from that of a hundred other Scout events. Other events might put on large banquets or even leave a meal theme, but none of them bake to the extent that Winter Campers do.

Baking began at Winter Camp I when members spent much of the first day (and night!) baking bread, cakes, and cookies. These early forays into baking were motivated more by a desire to have something to do than by any great need to demonstrate culinary expertise. Coincidentally, baking your own goods is cheaper than buying them, a concept near and dear to the heart of Winter Campers everywhere.

At Winter Camp II, baking was still a major portion of the activity, with goods being fresh baked daily. It was at Winter Camp II that the Bollmen baked the first "Cave Loaf" ever served. Winter Camp III saw the publication of the Winter Camp Recipe Guide and the introduction of the now famous "Sugar Jumbles".

In recent years, baking has entered something of a decline as campers attempt to squeeze an activity into every ounce of time. still. baking at Winter Camp is still traditional and will doubtless be with us for as long as Winter Camp itself.


Baking has not gained much ground since the original writing. It has, unfortunately, become largely an adult activity and one relegated to those who are not participating in the regularly scheduled events. Where once baking was very inclusive (everybody baked at the first few), it is not the province of old men and is sometimes used as an excuse to miss other activities.

The schedule for Classic Day at Winter Camp XXII features an evening of baking followed by a baked snack; perhaps we'll get baking back to its former glory.

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