Origins: Blind Hike

The concept for the Blind Hike entered the consciousness of Mike Osvath, Jeff Rand. and Doug Wilson on February 12, 1977. They had spent a "bitter" night in Spruce Lodge at Charles Howell on Friday and supported the Lincoln Pilgrimage on Saturday. Saturday night, a blind hike was conducted near the fire road, where the three became hopelessly lost.

Doug Wilson and Jeff Rand conducted a more successful Blind hike on April 2, 1977 where they were joined by a scout from Troop 842 as they Progressed from Hilltop to Beaver Creek Cabin at D-A.

The Blind Hike was an important part of the Ceremonial Committee Training of Trainers weekend held in September of 1977. On Friday, Mike Osvath, Tom Conroy, and Mike Doubleday were led by Jeff Rand and Doug Wilson through a special ceremony involving the principles of the Order of the Arrow. A Blind Hike from Cow Camp to Old Baldy was a major part of the ceremony.

The special ceremony was repeated as the first activity of Winter Camp I. The hike has been done ever since.


The Blind Hike remains the only activity to be held at every Winter Camp. The incidence of "cheating" is very high, with perhaps as many as 25-30% of the people removing their blindfolds for at least part of the hike.

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