Origins: Bollman-Oakes

Origins of this word can be traced to the Downriver Chapter Ceremonial Committee, a very powerful organization. At its peak, the Committee was able to make or break Chapter Chiefs and to exert near total control of the Downriver Chapter.

The Committee held three weekend long training seminars at D-A in the late 70's. It was at the last or these that the term Bollman-Oakes was coined. Attendance at the event was 15, and these were "divided" into three groups, for ease of reference. The first of these groups was of the most active Arrowmen, the people who ran the committee (and who made the groupings). They called themselves the ROWDA Five, after their initials (Rand, Osvath, Wilson, Donohue. and Achatz). The second group was the Miscellaneous Five, who were distinguished only by the fact that they didn't belong to either of the other groups. The last group was, of course, the Bollman-Oakes group, 5 people from Troop 1058, all of whom were either Bollmen or Oakeses.


Troop 1058, the troop from which all Bollman-Oakeses came, disbanded in 1996. The troop was started again in 1996, by David Oakley, but was eventually forced to fold again, mostly due to lack of interest on the part of the unit's chartered partner

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