Origins: Changing of the Donohue Pot Handles

This ritual, first occurring at Winter Camp I, has perpetuated itself unto the present. Unlike most of the traditions of Winter Camp, this one is easy to trace, but hard to explain.

It began when Mr. Wilson was cleaning up on the final day of camp. He observed that the Donohue pot was clean, except in the area near the handles. Being Mr. Wilson, he found this totally unacceptable. Taking a screwdriver from the ever-present Wilson ammo box, he unscrewed the handles and scrubbed the area clean. He then replaced the handles and the pot was boxed up for the return home.

At home, Mrs. Donohue noticed the pot was extremely clean almost immediately. She didn't notice the change in handles for almost a week. She chastised Mr. Wilson the next time she saw him for reversing the handles. He promised to fix them the following year.

Mr. Wilson fixed the handles and when the pot was returned. Mrs. Donohue decided she had liked them the previous way better. At that point, the tradition was born.


The ritual continues, with the Donohues trying desparately to remember to bring the pot each year. In the years since Origins was first written, the pot has fallen into disuse, both at Winter Camp and at the Donohue household, making it more difficult to remember to bring it. Several times disaster has been narrowly averted when Mrs. Donohue arranged to have Mark Bollman--> pick up the pot on his way to camp the next day.

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