Origins: Capture the Objective

The game Capture the Objective game ran at Winter Camp II with a live Objective. The term Objective was used to hide the true term which was, of course, Oatley.

Modified after Capture the capture the Objective has become (perhaps) the most popular, and certainly the most tinkered with, game at Winter Camp. Despite its flawed introduction at Winter Camp II, it has been played (and modified) every year since.

At Winter Camp II, the objective was a human and could move around to avoid capture. At Winter Camp III, the objective was inanimate and immobile. There were three teams, each trying to obtain the other team's objective. Winter Camp IV saw the introduction of the "treasures" as an added source of points. Winter Camp IX muddied the waters by adding the possibility of spies to each team.

Capture the Objective has also spawned the sub-traditional argument.

In every year since its inception, there has been an argument immediately following the game. This argument inevitably leads to revisions for the next year's game.


Capture the Objective continues to be a favorite at Winter Camp. It has also spawned a similar game called Predator, which changes the roles of the teams slightly, but retains the essential nature of Capture the Objective. The rules for both games are still revised after each time the game is played.

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