Origins: Government

The first "Official" government system at Winter Camp was at Winter Camp IV. In the first two years, the group had been small, and everyone had done everything together with no official leader or real arguments. At Winter Camp III, size proved our undoing; with 25 people on hand. some system had to be devised to control them.

For Winter Camp IV, a communist system was used. The communist system was used for several years with a gradual increase in capitalism. At Winter Camp VIII, a new from of government was instituted. Although it was purported to be a capitalist system, the Korish government proved to be something much closer to anarchy.

Winter Camps IX through XII were basically modified versions of the former communist government without any real theme or excitement. Winter Camp XIII showed some promise, when members proclaimed themselves to be kings, knights, and barons, but it to proved rather flat.

For Winter Camp XIV, a new form of government will be used. The basic system is a theocracy, with power held by the "religious" leaders of Winter Camp. Hopefully, it will return some of the excitement to Winter Camp.


Not surprisingly, there has been a government at the Winter Camps following XIV. The government in the years since Winter Camp XV has been related to the weekly theme, but the elements haven't changed much. We have a youth leader, a head cook, and an activities director. Other positions may be assigned, but the "key three" handle most of the work.

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