Origins: Kickball

Kickball at Winter Camp is now an established tradition. It is the only activity which has moved from non-scheduled status to scheduled status since Winter Camp I, when there was no schedule. Kickball began at Winter Camp VIII as an alternative to snow baseball.

On the day that baseball was scheduled, there was a very cold rain falling. Coupled with the ice and snow on the ground it was very dangerous footing. It was decided to hold an event closer to the building.

No one is sure who proposed that first game of kickball, but it was a rousing success. Despite the cold rain, the game became a competition. The base paths were treacherous as the snow melted and left puddles of water on top of the ice. Both teams had numerous slips on the base path but no one fell. By the end of the third inning though most people were sliding into every base, just for the fun of it.

In the midst of this, three visitors arrived, Howard Hammes, Tim Dumas, and fledgling adviser John Dumas. Howard joined, Tim went for at smoke, and John sat on the porch wondering what sort of lunatics his chapter members were.


Kickball remains a popular activity, but has never quite captured the glory of the first game.

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